Wednesday, June 30, 2010

UTF Solidary Forever! (to the tune of "Mine eyes have seen the glory of...")

Thanks to Erin Fox, CMU Art/Theater Dept. for the following adaptation of a traditional labor song. We sounded wonderful singing it together today!

Solidarity forever!
Solidarity forever!
Solidarity forever!
For we make CMU strong!

We're your teachers, we're your mentors, we assign the grades you earn!
The right to form a union is our number one concern!
Hopes for a better future will be realized when we learn
That we make CMU strong!

With the union's inspiration we'll negotiate health care
Not to mention job security and wages that are fair!
Which is why we're rallying here today to stand up and declare
The we make CMU strong!

We're so pleased that part-time faculty now have the right to vote!
President Ross and trustee members finally listened and took note!
They realized that temp faculty keep CMU afloat!
For we make CMU strong!


Don't miss this one!...a rousing chorus of "Part Time Worker" (to the tune of "Part Time Lover")...courtesy of AFT-MI Organizer (and beloved Motown Diva) Lynn Marie Smith!
Sing On, Everyone!

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