Sunday, June 20, 2010

East-West U Adjuncts terminated for trying to unionize! Protest scheduled 6/21 in Chicago!

Hi, everyone: The message below is from Joe Berry with COCAL in Chicago. As you'll see, we adjuncts really need to stick together on this one, because the way this case goes could set a ugly precedent for all of us. If anyone wants "We Care" postcards (see sidebar) to distribute and ultimately send to EWU's chancellor or provost (info below), along with fax protests, etc...just let me know!

UPTF (Wayne State) is sponsoring the Adjuncts United march to the U.S. Social Forum this Tuesday, 3 p.m. (meet at Woodward-Warren, WSU campus in Detroit). We're going to be highlighting EWU adjuncts' struggle, among others -- if you're in town, join us!! See for flyers, etc. See for general U.S. Social Forum info. "Another World Is Possible!!"

Email or fax protests to: (please copy all protests and and send statements of support to <>

Chancellor Dr. Mohammad Wasiullah Khan
Panjab University (Pakistan)
BS-English Literature, Economics
Panjab University (Pakistan)
MA-Urdu Literature
Panjab University (Pakistan)
MED (Honors)-Secondary Education
Indiana University
EdS and PhD-Educational Administration

Provost Dr. Madhu Jain
Jiwaji University (India)
BS-Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
Rajasthan University (India)
Rajasthan University (India)

816 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60605
Fax: 312-939-0083

School's History:


June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010 STATEMENT OF PROTEST The United Adjunct Faculty Association (UAFA) at East-West University (EWU) publicly expresses its protest at the ongoing discriminatory practices of Dr. M. Wasiullah Khan, the University Chancellor, (312) 939-0111 and Dr. Madhu Jain, the Provost, (312) 939-0111 with regards to the revocation of course assignments of the following adjunct faculty: Ms. Erma Faire-Doeing, Ms. Gladys Griffin, Mr. Tanue Johnson, Mr. Curtis Keyes, Mr. Kenneth Peterson, and other adjunct faculty who have recently been dismissed without any explanation or thank you for their years of service to students and the university. That mostly African American adjunct faculty were discharged from their teaching assignments within the last two weeks is highly offensive in the face of a seventy percent African American majority student population where ninety percent of students receive federal financial aid for their education.

What could be the underlying reason for the Chancellor’s and Provost’s actions? Could it be retaliation against UAFA’s right to form a labor union at EWU? UAFA members have not had one single pay increase in over 6 years! Facts show that several adjunct faculty members were notified by their Department Chairperson that their summer class assignments had been revoked at the time when UAFA was organizing for a labor union. UAFA appeals to the administration for the immediate reinstatement of all adjunct faculty discharged under such muddled circumstances. With support from the Illinois Education Association chapter of the National Education Association and the Chicago Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor, UAFA reaffirms its legal right to organize. The recent removal of adjunct faculty calls into serious question the motives of EWU’s administration. UAFA is quite certain that students’, parents, alumni and the University Board of Trustees would not want to see the institution shrouded in a public fight which could tarnish prospective students’ views about attending EWU.

Frankly, this public protest is unfortunate, but it is necessary if the university is to move forward in its accreditation, building construction and treatment of adjunct faculty. We hope this crisis can be resolved without another public protest, which will include the mobilization of students, parents, alumni, supportive colleagues and the media. Our protest comes with the fundamental belief that East-West University can fulfill its mission of treating its students and adjunct faculty with fairness. It is our hope that the Chancellor and Provost will embrace this moral call for just treatment of its entire faculty.




The Illinois Education Association-National Education Association

Chicago Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor

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