Friday, June 25, 2010

Adjuncts United march to the lively beat of Detroit's U.S. Social Forum!

June 22: What an exhilarating experience it was to march together with adjuncts and students from points across the state of Michigan! The message was simple: Higher Education Works Because We Do! Sponsored by Wayne State's UPTF part-time faculty union, representatives from University of Michigan's lecturer's union (LEO), Henry Ford Community College (AFO), and Central Michigan University (working to organize as the UTF) joined in, along with a large contingent of students and faculty from Eastern Michigan University and a number of other friends, associates, former colleagues, etc.

The long path down Detroit's main artery, Woodward Avenue, from Wayne State's campus to Cobo Hall was filled with thousands of people with hundreds of causes to promote--all focused on helping kick off the amazing U.S. Social Forum here in Detroit. Lively, colorful, breathtaking: a river of people prepared to work hard to make things better for all!
There were too many takeaways to even process them all, but here's one that stuck with me: we're all in this mess of an economy together, and there's never been a better time to stop being invisible!

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  1. great pics ~ looking forward to reading more