Monday, May 3, 2010

"When Adjunct Faculty are Treated Unfairly, We Care! -- Your help is needed to get this message out!

As promised in an earlier post, postcards with the important message above are now printed and ready for use, and your help is needed!

Here's what the front of the card looks like:

The back of the card provides space for people to fill in their names, organization (if any) and city/state, and says: The quality of American Higher Education is at stake!...Please support fair treatment for America's Adjunct faculty!

Surely, together we can get the message out this summer--at conferences, conventions, meetings, rallies, union events, etc.--and flood the decision makers with our show of solidarity across the nation.

If you are willing to help get this "We Care" message out, just contact Raye at and let us know how many batches of 50 you'd like. Please provide your shipping information and we will be glad to send them out asap.

A couple small suggestions: you might find people more receptive to signing the cards if you provide address information for specific targets -- ie. for President Obama, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, Congress members, State legislatures, university administrations, etc. All of these addresses are easily accessible on various Web sites. Post card postage is 28 cents per standard-sized card (like this one) these days. If postage poses an obstacle for your signers, the cards can be bundled together and sent out in one package, for less than per/card postage. Hand-addressing each card, or applying mailing labels is then optional. 

Together we can get the word out that Adjuncts deserve a better deal! Thanks so much!


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