Wednesday, April 14, 2010

EMU Adjuncts Need Our Support!

Today EMU’s part-time lecturers are treated as temporary workers with minimal pay and no employment rights. They need our support in their quest to join with EMU's full time lecturers in a single lecturers' union. The existing lecturers’ union (EMUFT) has invited them to join in providing better education by improving the working conditions of all its members, but school administration has terminated discussions. If you're so-moved, here's contact info you can use to support EMU's adjuncts efforts -- we are in this together!

Pres. Susan Martin: 202 Welch Hall – – 734.487.2211
EMU Board of Regents: 201-B Welch Hall; Secretary Jackie Kurtz - 734.487.2410
Roy Wilbanks – Chair – – 734-395-2011

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