Sunday, March 21, 2010

"The Add-On Voice: Adjuncts in Academia"

Wish me well on Thursday -- I'll be carrying the adjunct "message," as best I can, to the CEA Conference in San Antonio. The presentation is called "The Add-On Voice: Adjuncts in Academia,". You're welcome to view the slides and the survey results (Raye's Survey & Raye's Survey2) that are also attached. Please note that the Reference pages of the presentation (at the end) contain a wealth of good information and leads for more information! Don't miss the "Voices" pages just before the References pages, too -- my favorite part of the presentation will be to make the comments available that I received from all of you who participated in the survey. The comments say it all better than I ever will!

To everyone who participated in this project, my sincere thanks! Let's keep the message out there!

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