Sunday, February 21, 2010

Student activists speak out about reforming universities

This could be encouraging -- one highlight cited from a series of surveys conducted by Public Agenda for the National Center of Public Policy and Higher Education states, "Six out of 10 Americans now say that colleges today operate more like a business, focused more on the bottom line than on the educational experience of students. Further, the number of people who feel this way has increased by 5 percentage points in the last year alone, and is up by 8 percentage points since 2007." This focus on business, as opposed to student experience, is apparently fueling widespread doubt about why tuition rates keep escalating.


Student activists seem to agree; students are getting themselves into an awful lot of debt to afford their educations these days: is it any wonder they're feeling agitated? Faced with a rotten, job-poor economy looming for years ahead, what are their prospects?
All of the above are good reasons to consider speaking out on March 4: A National Day of Action to Defend Education. Have an action or event for that day to promote? Click here to let the national event organizers know, and please feel free to share the news!

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